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Training Philosophy

Coaching Philosophy


·         To provide energy and ideas.
·         A safe structure- an area where the client can experiment in the knowledge that I will speak up if they are going to put themselves in danger.
·         Help with understanding the reasoning behind fears that stop people doing what they want to do. Often being to let the client see that what they may have perceived as them being “cowardly” is in fact a wise inner voice warning of real danger, or that information has been missed. We can then work objectively on the information and risk.
·         Technical equestrian information. This can be from techniques for riding, an eye for flow of how the horse and rider move together, stable management advice, where to get information for instance on rules for competition, to what resources are available and where to look for further help.
·         People pay me for my time and experience, I do not pretend to have all the answers, or the right answer!
·         My experience often allows me to see what is possible in the next moment.
·         To be the person who can see the bigger picture, to see when someone has become trapped in their current present reality, where they may not be able to see over the wall.
·         To organise the lesson so the pace flows into good work rather than forcing work. To celebrate the positives that are being achieved, so the accent is not focused on what is "wrong". By building the positives the negatives will melt smaller, and the experience for both horse and rider will be more positive.
·         To set clear “homework” i.e. direction for the client to work on before I next return.
·         A point of contact if things go wrong.
·         To work on whatever the client wishes to, not my own agenda.
·         To sometimes allow a client to exhaust all the reasons why a particular technique will not work, before they can move forward with what WILL work.
·         To help use the horses to reflect in the client’s own lives, to show what the horses are teaching.
·         To see the good and the uniqueness and the possibilities in each client.
·         To allow the client to feel confident to take charge of their own FUN with their horses.
·         To help the client to be present with their horses, to allow them to see the advantages of a quiet mind, and to find that place within themselves.
·         With groups- to move all the group members forwards, to set the session up so each client has a positive experience towards their own goals, to foster a group support and sense of belonging and enjoying and celebrating each others’ success.
·         To be professional with all dealings with clients, fostering the belief in trustworthiness, to allow the client to feel secure in our relationship.
·         To keep myself refreshed and enthusiastic by my own self management, to the best of my ability being healthy, rested, and seeking to widen my own knowledge and experience.
·         Allowing clients to share in my own development, in my joys and difficulties.
·         To believe that my clients can work out better solutions for their development than I can, given the positive thinking environment to allow them to breathe. To also believe that they have the insights to help me with my own development, both with horses and within myself.

·         I take joy when my clients realise that they have value, and they can think and have ideas that are valued, unique and the best for them and their horses.



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