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Sherlock's Diaries

Having had a few years now with just the big grey "Charlie Horse" to play with at home, we now have a new addition to the family!
Sherlock is a 16.2hh 9 year old irish bred gelding, he is smart and energetic, talented and athletic. I first saw Sherlock way back in 2005, where I quite frankly fell in love with him. How could I guess that a few years later, in October 2008, by the generocity of good friend Giles Carradine, he would be mine!
I thank Giles for such a mind blowing gift that is Sherlock.
Sherlock has had some time off work, and is smart enough that I know he will give me some tests and plenty of learning. He is so "switched on" I don't really know who will be training who, but hopefully together we will work out an agreement that will work for us both.
Below are some of "Sherlock's Diaries".
1. Clipping diary. Sherlock does NOT like clipping! I do NOT like getting hurt! I need to clip Sherlock. Well, it took 2 weeks, but we have it, a full clip, no stress, no fuss, everyone happy. Read how we did it, November 2008, by following this link.... www.upbeatequestrian.co.uk/sherlocksclippingdiary.html
2. First Beach Adventure.....
    As well as training and competing I love to get out and about with my horses, and good friend and professional photographer Andy Cooper and I shared in Sherlock's first beach adventure January. There are some pictures on Andy's website, just follow the link http://www.andycooper.fotopic.net/c1636090.html
 3. Dressage at Sykehouse.....
    We are ready to start competing now, and this is an early adventure, February Dressage at Sykehouse arena. We had Sherlock being a little "athtletic" in the first test, but he settled down for the second one, and was even placed! Not bad for a young man who has been away from competition for three years. Once again the action was caught by Andy, and if you follow the link you can view photos on his site.
4. Second Beach Adventure, again view the pictures by following this link http://www.andycooper.fotopic.net/c1694072.html
5. Sherlock's first BE event- After 6 months of hard training we finally became ready for our first event. We did the Intro at Richmond on 17 May 2009. It was not about the height of the fences, it was about enjoyment! Despite my rather relaxed attitude to the whole thing we did a fair Dressage in the driving rain, my best Showjumping with Sherlock yet (despite me causing him to knock one of the fences), and a great Cross Country round, where Sherlock actually seemed to be reading my mind, and as soon as I was worried about slipping on the wet ground he came right back steadily, then when we were on good ground he sped away again. Photos can be fiewed via Facebook  www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=11051&id=1352978090&l=fc8a42c9ed
 6. Sherlock's second BE event! 26 May 2009.
7. Chilling out at home. May 09.
Life is not all work and no play, some photos of Sherlock on a pub ride with Andy and Charlie, where we also met Sharon and had a lovely drink or three in the sun, under the umbrella. Followed by a leisurely ride home and BBQ with my "chef" (and groom, house keeper, support, love of my life) husband David. Oh for an English country summer! Also a photo or two of my mum giving Sherlock a shower in the sun after a lesson. Super cool, super happy. http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#/album.php?aid=11559&id=1352978090
8. Hexham. 6 June 09. Our fourth event, this time near Scotland. We had a lovely dressage, which made us smile, technically good SJ round, which yeilded us two down (!), then a fab XC round, after we had grappled with the steering, (which led to a run out). One of those days where what I felt was not bourne out by the scores, but hey, I'm happy (and Sherlock would seem to be too!).
19. First pre novice... We travelled to a gorgeous valley in Wales for our first pre novice on 14 June 09. We did a FAB dressage, has some errors SJ- whick I was not in the least bothered with as I have NEVER jumped a full course so big with Sherlock, and then had a VERY educational XC round. We did have a "green" moment where a ditch jumped out at Sherlock and startled him ("what are you like????"), but we finished strongly and best of all we both had FUN! See the pictures, follow the link.
10. Mid July Fun! First of all another event, where photos were taken by my mum and Sarah. Then a typical English summer evening, saddling up and riding to the local pub. Andy and Charlie came too, and mum met us there. Sherlock and Charlie had a GREAT game, called "spin the brolly" where it was a draw between them.
11. Sherlock gets placed Pre Novice at Cumwhinton. ANOTHER event yestarday, he is now off for 3 weeks while I tour America! We did OK, but Sherlock did not like the rain, and would rather NOT have started XC.
12. I am on holiday now, not long until America. Hmm, need to have some fun, I wonder what sherlock is like to ride bareback?
13. Another spare evening, another pub ride. Anyone for dinner? Because this time we had the full spread, and there was not one stolen morsel or spilled drink!
14. Returned from America, and Sherlock now has a FAB western bridle to hack out in. He has also surprised me by suddlenly offering flying lead changes! Yesterday we did our Intro Regional Final, and Laura came as our groom. Pictures of a fantastic day with Sherlock, mum, and Laura can be seen by this link! http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=16606&id=1352978090#/album.php?aid=16604&id=1352978090
15. Ha, yesterday did our best event, at the PN at Winkburn. Loads of lovely photos, and smiles. A LOVELY day out, from the amazing bum shrinking jodhpurs, to the great company, the good dressage in adverse conditions, our first CLEAR showjumping, and the BEST cross country round yet, despite the "rider frightener" fence having just that effect on Sherlock's rider!
16. Time out! A day off where I trimmed, clipped and shaved Sherlock, then we worked, before he had another refreshing shower. This week I have been on a seminar and learned simple horse massage and stretching exercises. Sherlock has proved almost COMPETITAVE in his stretching, and is practically doing a forward roll. See the photos via the link.....
17. Another event, this time at Allerton Park, 19 September. A LOVELY day, starting with our best ever dressage score of 23 (and it doesn't get much better than that!). We did have 2 show jumps down, but it was a mainly left handed course, and for both those jumps we were on the wrong leg (!). Then a clear XC run, and time penalties for which there is a story and a lesson learned......... I warmed up for XC well, we were ready, Sherlock was on my leg, FAB. Then we had quite an unexpected wait, 10 minutes of walking around, then we went and I did NOT zip us up again, so until fence number 9 we were flat footed, not together, Sherlock was left/right, it was horrid. I then gave myself a stern talking to, and at fence no 9 I pulled it all together, got my act sorted, and the second half of the course was FANTASTIC! Sherlock would have jumped ANYTHING! Such a lesson learned, and it then carried over to our next XC lesson, where we retained that "togetherness". So, we missed a placing, but learned a GOOD lesson! http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1352978090&v=photos&ref=profile#/album.php?aid=19128&id=1352978090
18. Last event of the season! A Pre-Novice at Oaseby, where the Autumn colours have made for beautiful photos. We did a reasonable dressage, then clear show jumping, and clear XC too, for our best ever finishing score and a WIN in our section! I am really happy with our season, we had 12 starts and were placed 5 times. Very satisfying as both Sherlock and I have been away from competition for 3 years each! I am almost sad, as I believe if the season were a bit longer we woulod be ready for Novice quite soon with the rate of improvement, BUT we have finished sound, happy and keen for more. Now we will be training over the winter and hope for just a very few Pre Novice starts before upgrading to Novice next year, by which time Sherlock will have had the winter improving his fitness and hardening his legs off. See the photos here...... http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1352978090&v=photos&ref=profile#/album.php?aid=20137&id=1352978090 
19. Clipping 2009! It is nearly a year since Sherlock came to us, and today we did our second clip. Well, last time it took 2 weeks (see "clipping diary" above), but this time it was done and dusted in 2 hours! I do not enjoy clipping, and my clip is not good, but this time Sherlock cannot be blamed, he was a true gent. Mum took some photos, and they can be seen by following this link. http://www.facebook.com/home.php?ref=home#/album.php?aid=20993&id=1352978090


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