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Police Pictures


A random selection of Police Photos, many of which are with the kind permission of Andy Cooper and Clive Eggington.

Other Police Officers have been blurred out to preserve their privacy.


Equi Ads slowing the Pace

football4 (2)

night football

Leading Ledger winner Dettori


PO snow


Harry Smoke training

Training for Olympics

Training Exercise 

Night Patrol

Paddy ready for action

On Parade Doncaster

EDL demo

More Olympics

Sheffield demo

Jump training Paddy

Unboxing at Football

Thorne in the City

School visit

Find Edward!

At night














 Climbing wall

Clive Eggington at SUFC

Sheffield City Centre

Clive Eggington - prep for tranign Harry

Clive Eggington Training Harry

At the races

 Open Day

Policing the Hunt

Policing the hunt 2

Yes, it was Offiicial

Horses and flames

Eddie at Hillsborough


Racing college demo 1 (2) 

Racing college demo 2 (2)

Racing college demo 3 (2)

Schooling Harry

No Hands

Ready again


Football again




Showing Kids Teeth!

Playing with trams... 


Edward has time off 

How Big is Edward?

Thorne in Subway

Harry Doncaster Parade 

Staying out if the Rain

Ring Farm Show

Another Ring Farm Show

Thorne Cantering

Football Escort

Meet and Greet


Nuisance training


Bramhall Lane

Flag Jump

Catterick Training

Another day...

Harleys shower

Sunderland with Dennis

With the Merc.

Dressed for business


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