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Flexibility offered, but ideas include.....
Individual lessons, £38 per hour to include local travel. I include up to a 25 mile round trip with the price of each lesson, for further travel it is an additional £5 per extra 10 miles or part thereof. Mileage is calculated by the RAC Routeplanner service from DN14.
              Clinic lines
Lessons in Dressage, Show Jumping or Cross Country.
Telephone based confidence coaching course - £35.
Do you have a problem and you feel that no one understands?
Do you not know why you are worried or anxious?
Would you, or someone you know, like confidential, personalised one-to-one help?
Would you prefer help from an impartial third party to help you make your decisions?
A course of three telephone coaching sessions, to help with whatever confidence issues you have. The first half hour is to identify issues and their roots, and to plan a course of action. This is followed up by two 15 minute coaching sessions to chart progress and support your changes.
From Competition Prep to just enjoying time with your horse.
How to ride safley on the road.....
Introducing your horse to Nuisances/ scary things!
 play and respect
How to how to lead/ handle your horse, play and respect!
Help with becoming comfortable with clipping and trimming.
                                      our services
Help at shows, flexible assistance offered, take the stress out of the day.
Clinics and workshops, contact me with your ideas.
Stable management advice.
                   Ruth Dickens
Dressage and Show Jumping judging for "trailblazers", Cross Country Judging for BE.
Speaking to clubs/groups, contact me to discuss your requirements.
Ruth Dickens  
Photography- would you like a photo session with your horse? Either portrait, or why not combine with help on the school to get that "perfect" ridden shot? Cantering across fields or whatever you wish to create a memory of. We can even create books, posters, mouse mats, mugs, "T" shirts and much more through a professional photo company.
                             Ruth Dickens


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